Our Beginning

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CTNARNIA'S KIN NO KAGE CD (NUGGET) (12/2/83 - 10/12/93),

CROWN ROYAL'S SHOGA PAN KUKI (GINGER)   (7/7/86 - 2/19/95)

LUCKY (11/21/81 - 5/12/00),  AND REVEILLE (back) (5/81 - 12/90)

Reveille (Blue Tic/Catahoula cross) joined us on July 4, 1981.  We were at a friend's lake house for the July 4th weekend and their neighbor's had a litter of puppies about 8 weeks old.  Russell and I saw them and fell in love!  We brought one home with us.  She was very good on the way home, no problems or accidents which was very good because it was a long trip home!   We were following our friend, who was bringing the boat back and the boat trailer had a blow-out.  We (Me, Rev, and a couple of others) stayed with the boat, trailer and truck while the others found a new tire!  We expected her to wake us up early in the morning, but she didn't.  She loved to run, fetch sticks, balls and even fetched a turtle once.  She loved to swim too.  Combining fetching with swimming was the epitome of fun for her!  Her favorite treat was fresh pecans.  She was better at cracking and removing pecans than most people.   Lucky joined us on Feb. 20, 1982.  We weren't sure if she was going to live, she'd been hit by a car and was pretty malnourished.    As time went by, we realized she'd been mistreated even more than we'd first imagined.  Through our continued efforts and those of her canine and feline companions, she learned to trust people again.  Lucky joined the rest of her first family at the rainbow bridge on May12, 2000. 

Nugget was our first Akita and first show dog.  We weren't real good at showing - we were learning with him, so he never lived up to his potential.  He was a good protector, though, and loved to do obedience.  He was pretty good at it and even won a 3rd place in Novice A!

Ginger was our second Akita and second show dog.  We still didn't know what we were doing as far as showing dogs went, so didn't do her justice in the show ring.  She did produce a beautiful litter of 14 for us though!  We did lose 3 of them but the rest were strong and healthy.   Tigr, Tex, Taki, BJ, Rosie, Kuma, Summer, Sassy, Callie, Duke, and Kido are her and Okii's kids. 

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