Thank You! This Auction has Ended!

The Akita Club of America wishes to EXPRESS OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE to our GENEROUS BIDDERS for their bids!
We will be able to help many displaced Akitas with the proceeds from this auction!

Auction Item Index - Winners List
1. Forced Air Dryer
Ryan Dillman
2. DannyQuest - 2 Akitas
Monica Colvin
3. Working Dog Digest Ad
Terry Adams
4. Marble Akita Head
5. Handmade Quilt
Darlin Mikey
6. Yellow Citrine Pendant
Linda Wroth
7. Kindle
8. Large Leash Holder
9. Framed Pewter Akita
Stephanie Cottrell
10. Custom Pet Portrait
Amy Huenneke
11. Scrapbooking Kit
Sherry Lockrem*
12. Lg Wood Akita Plaque
Jen Rees*
13. Adam Akita
14. Ruby & Diamond Ring
Pat & Joel Sands
15. DannyQuest Akita head
Stephanie Cottrell
16. Dante’s Spirit Scarf
17. Pearl Pendant
Sharon Liljedahl
18. Akita Stamp Collection
Susan Robison
19. Wolfhound Portrait
Stephanie Cottrell
20. Akita Pups Print
Norma Dobbs
21. Crystal Akita Necklace
Carol Harris
22. Ruby Star Pendant
Pat & Joel Sands
23. Pewter Akita
24. Crystal Akita Ornaments
Ilka Wagner
25. Sm Wood Akita Plaque
Donald Plummer
26. Pink/White Topaz
27. Asst Book Collection
28. Small Leash Holder
29. NE Tour Basket
Teresa Brown
30. Blue Topaz Necklace
Sharon Liljedahl
31. Archie Akita
Madeleine B Smith
32. Luxury Bath items
33. Scentsy Warmer
Linné Girouard**
34. Lenox Vase & Puppy
Teresa Brown
35. Knuckle Bones
36. Akita Wall Plaque
J Kelly
37. Red Sox Tickets
Shay Andrews
38. Custom Stained Glass
Sal Infantino

*Please contact Nancy about your Item

**Please contact Jill about  your Item


Any questions please contact Nancy Lamm.

ALL shipping costs and insurance will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The Akita Club of America takes no responsibility for damages incurred. The ACA reserves the right to refuse any bids offered without notice. The ACA takes no responsibility for the condition or representation for the items up for auction if photos were supplied by the original owner of the product. All sales are final.

Thank you... The Akita Club of America

Happy Bidding!!

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